Friday, January 2, 2015


I have not been very diligent with my posts of late so now in 2015 I'm going to try and bring myself into the 21st-century with my blogging and actually get around to vlogging or video blogging. 

I've been exceptionally busy over the last few weeks, actually make that months as I try to create a means of generating an income for myself while still taking care of my Bonnie Ronnie. I came up with this idea to make a timelapse or rather a video incorporating timelapse of the Morton Bay Rail link project. I'm going to combine photography with video and timelapse on this project, at present it is just a case of gathering data.

The biggest challenge of course is finding the time to record a video and photographs. While I do have time on my hands it does mean that I have to leave my Bonnie Ronnie on her own for hours at a time and I'm not comfortable with this while she's not well. In the beginning she would come with me and would enjoy contributing to the project or she would simply take photographs of the local flora and fauna which she loves. I look forward to and love the editing at home and of course I am a lot more comfortable knowing that I can keep my eye on my Bonnie Ronnie.

On the subject of editing, this is a massive learning curve as it doesn't take long to lose touch with modern technology. I am fortunate enough to have the Adobe Creative Suite version 6 so I have the tools but learning each of the modules, photoshop, audition, prelude, media encoder, premiere pro, after effects and encore along with lightroom is challenging to say the least. In order to give myself a little practice I decided to complete a home movie project and have taken all of my old standard 8  and super 8 film, converted to digital and included it with video footage shot by my son and daughter when they were children along with my video footage to create a Blu-ray disk for each of them (My children).

The next task is to put together a promo package, sort of like a trailer of the end product to demonstrate our ability. My Bonnie Ronnie and I have created a new entity called P V Media Productions which we are currently in the process of promoting via social network, web-page, print and signage. It is our hope to have this promo package complete by the end of February.

I'm keen to test the quality of clips that I include in these posts so I shall add a very short MR (Moreton Bay Rail Link) clip of some night work, without sound.