Friday, August 10, 2012

Old Passion

The last few days have been fantastic, apart from the residual effects of this flu, bronchitis which neither Ronnie nor I have been able to shake. Candice, Brett and Caydence stayed overnight and we had the pleasure of Caydence's company for a day while the adults were in court once again (Custody battle for Caydence which we won't elaborate on). They have promised a social visit in a couple of weeks.

It was a mad scramble at the last minute to get a spare room and some bedding space for the little one sorted in our little house of abundant removal boxes but we did it, must say we work well as a team with plenty of leg pulling and light hearted banter when the pressure is on. It was wonderful to have the kid's over even if the circumstances weren't the best.

We had a wonderful day with Cades looking for doctors, parks and playgrounds. Played a lot of 'I spy' at the doctors which is not so easy in a rather sterile waiting room but made up for it at a couple of playgrounds which resulted in a pooped poppy and hungry child.... wish I could recharge my batteries by filling hollow legs with super food fuel. All too quickly the day was over, the kids returned a little dejected - 'no! the other party had a change of heart again and so rather than finalising, the battle is to begin afresh' was the news. There are no winners and the biggest loser is the child as long as the battle continues - but I'm pretty sure we have enough love to overcome any obstacle for we trust in Jesus and his grace.

I started putting together a facebook page - I figured that I could share my 'New Beginning' from the start and promote myself cause I am going to have to make a living from my Art somehow. I am definitely not looking at this as a commercial venture and whilst we don't need much we do need to eat and we will also need supplies. I may look at web design as a commercial venture, that way I'll not be moving too far from my passion(s).

I started looking around for some art supplies, bearing in mind that I have a very broad passion and love most forms of artistic expression having tried/been a wood-carver, sculptor, potter, painter, drafter, tattooist, cinematographer, photographer, glass-etcher and furniture designer amongst other things. Our area is quite large and there are quite a few craft shops but they are better suited to Ronnie's scrapbooking and needlepoint which would have put my Mom in her element (although I'm pretty sure that she is in her element with Jesus).

Anyway I found a little art supply store that will meet some of my needs quite nicely and so started with an easel, sketch pads, pencils, a few brushes and some paint. One thing that I've wanted to try for some time now is a bit of inlay work and I have a bit of an idea.... I still have a couple of pencil sketches from the seventies that have survived thanks to Bonnie Ronnie.... the idea is getting stronger. We have a couple of lovely coffee/side tables that need protecting so I might make some covers....  enough said. I'll begin work on this today and show the result, if it's good.

In the meantime I better get back to sorting out our living space, shed and garage.

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