Monday, July 9, 2012

Move Preparation

Can't wait till this move is over, the preparation is a killer especially organising all the business records. A normal 9-5 weekday business would be hard enough but ours was 24x365 by 4 major security divisions with several hundred personnel records and several thousand client records all as confidential as all heck.

Boring as all buggery and oh so time consuming, can't just throw out old records, they have to be cross shredded and packaged for incineration in secure document destruction bins which in turn need to be collected and replaced in a timely fashion.

Thankfully we have now relocated all the hardware to Paul's facility where he is able to handle the daily business grind while sorting through the most recent of the client files. Actually it's not quite so bad as Ronnie and I have already been working on the audit for five months and we have more than 60% done. Last time we conducted an audit of this magnitude there were thirteen of us and that took almost a month, now two of us have three weeks to complete the task.

I have spent this last week re-organising all the electronic data into manageable portable redundant data bank modules which can be disposed of quickly and efficiently as it becomes obsolete. These computers and servers have been taxed to their limits as I push them to the max. Still a fair bit to do but we will get there in the end:)

Back to house hunting tomorrow.

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