Monday, July 2, 2012

Moreton Bay Fig Tree

Well, lots of news this week. Quite a few big things but the blog will be kept short and sweet as time is the enemy at this time of year in Australia... our End of Financial is June 30.

Starting off with a couple of picture's, we (Bonnie Ronnie) and I came across this enormous Moreton Bay Fig Tree while looking for a house in Redcliff, a suburb of Brisbane Queensland. I almost took the house just for the opportunity to live close to this tree, had a mental picture of the Grandkids and I climbing all over this grand old tree. (When I was a kid you would have had to tie me down to prevent me climbing this tree, my imagination would have turned this into a Pirate's Galleon.... watch-out 'Bluebeard', 'Blackbeard' and 'Pugwash').  

Magnificent Fig Tree isn't it?

Sadly... Yes! we accepted an offer on the house, nowhere near it's dollar value not to mention the sentimental value but still... it is only a house after all. 

Also this week we merged the bulk of the remaining business, our Monitoring and Electronic divisions with Aussie lifelong friend Paul's Electronic business. I am really enjoying NOT being the boss, it's been a while but it is a great relief knowing that the only person relying on me is my Bonnie Ronnie, I only hope that I can continue to live up to this responsibility with great success.

My full cardiovascular work-up showed that my exercise and diet regime has been effective in reversing some of the vascular disease but unfortunately my renal system is in less than pristine shape so any further surgery is out of the question at this time. The right leg is bad but nothing short of a groin to calf bypass will fix that but it has not been a hindrance to a 'reasonable' workout yet... so I can live with that.

We were able to go out for dinner with the whole family on that day because Candice was in Brisbane to do a course, Caydence was going to her biological mother that night, Brett was rostered off Police duty, Jason finished early, Cameron had had no issues so Nat was good to go and Lachlan, Matilda and Hayley were home from school on time. Charlie, Nat's dad was able to come along as well so it was an absolutely awesome night and no-one took a picture... believe it or not. The grandkids were all so well behaved and surprisingly full of engaging, energetic conversation that time slipped away too quickly.

Life is AWESOME... I'm so blessed.

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