Monday, June 25, 2012

One era ends as another begins

Our little business moves to a new stage as we accept that former business associates have closed the door on a mutual referral business after only twelve months.... however this is actually beneficial to us as we had only lost business and money as a result of their unethical behaviour.

We have entered into new relationship's with old friend's. We have a history that has always been mutually beneficial and the recent unethical behaviour mentioned above was instrumental in pushing us all back together so we have decided to formalise the relationship's. This formalisation will remove some of the restrictions previously imposed upon us and we see this as a wonderful opportunity for substantial sustainable growth.

My role will be a lot less active than it has been previously as I move into semi retirement. I am looking forward to the role of advisor and strategist for my associates with the right resources at my disposal. This new role of course does require a more central location as a base for our operations and this too has turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it will put us in closer proximity to the majority of our Australian relatives and in particular our grand children.

Further good news this week although bitter-sweet, yesterday we accepted an offer on our Toowoomba home and today we and our solicitors reviewed the terms of the contract which will be formalised later this week, all going well. Unfortunately my hobby has had to take a back seat this week and probably for a couple more as we implement all these changes but such is life.

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