Monday, June 11, 2012

Queens Birthday Holiday

Seeing that it's the Queens Birthday Holiday I thoroughly enjoyed a lay in this morning until well after 8.30am. Listened to the birds (feathered kind) partying outside the bedroom window. There must have been at least half a dozen species including my favourite, the Kookaburra I just love their call. Bonnie Ronnie and I are very fortunate to live only half a kilometre from the 'Bird Habitat'. This is a park consisting of some marshes, bushland and a pond. It has walkways and amenities for the public and is maintained by the Toowoomba Regional Council.

I did a little reading of my bible, opened at random to Psalm 23. It's amazing how just the right chapters and versus are revealed and I know that God is speaking directly to me for my situation. About 15 years ago we and in particular I was going through a really tough patch and this scripture kept presenting over and over again. People I didn't know would leave sticky notes for me with nothing but 'Psalm 23' scribbled on them and Bonnie Ronnie and her friends would frequently quote this scripture to me. The point is that this scripture gave me a great deal of comfort and got me through one of the toughest times of my life. I was baptised as a Christian shortly after getting back on track - It was the middle of winter and I was baptised in the ocean at Bargara. I am eternally grateful to Pastor Doug for braving that freezing water in the early hours of the morning for me.

I am so thankful for all of God's blessings, they are many and I know that I know in my heart of heart's that he has a marvellous and wonderful plan for me. I feel like the kid in the back seat on a long journey so filled with excitement and anticipation, asking repeatedly "Are we there yet?" I ask repeatedly, "please reveal your plan for me Lord", I know it's good and just like any kid (I'm a child of God) I'm impatient and want it now. All things are in His timing which is always perfect.

During yesterday's open house Ronnie and I spent some time shopping for a couple of kitchen utensils at Clifford Gardens and along the way we stopped and took a couple of photos which we will add to our album 'My Toowoomba'. Our agent called after the open house and the poor fellow was so despondent as the person who made the terrible offer the day before, didn't return as promised. He has asked that we consider dropping the price by another $30K which would put the house on the market at $90K below value... I don't thinks so, no point really.

I have not quite reached my goal of having the business accounts up to date and ready for EOF by today but if I stay focused I may be able to get it done today. This is going to be hard because I do so want to play at my new hobby and make another clip, Ronnie loves them:)

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