Friday, June 15, 2012

A Son's Company

This has been a rather interesting week and I have been enjoying myself immensely at every opportunity, a great week in many ways.

Day before yesterday I spent the whole day with my son Jason, we went out working together. It has been years since we have done this and it used to be me doing the teaching and training if and when it was required. Jason reminded me quite frequently of one of my favourite expressions, "Don't be afraid to step out of the box, many can and do look over the edge but only a few will step out into the unknown".

This all started because Jay was very interested and gifted I might add, in electronics unlike me. He was dead keen to get into electronics, alarms, CCTV, access control and the like... so like any good parent I went about trying to get him set-up with an apprenticeship or trainee-ship. At that time our little company only provided services that I was comfortable with and electronics was never going to be one of them so I approached a couple of local Electronic Security firms and proposed that we enter into a formal referral arrangement if they would take Jay on as an Apprentice. Unfortunately they declined thereby leaving us with no alternative but to start our own electronics division which actually turned out very well for us since Jay was prepared to step out of the box and teach himself.

A dear friend 'Wal' and his son 'Rick' who provide Electronic Security services in another town took Jay under the wing and taught him some of the basics, for which we will be forever grateful. Over the years Jay was put through just about every course known to the industry and then some and has worked on some of the most intricate, multi faceted systems available in Queensland. I am of course very biased but it is also a fact that Jay has put together and managed a large number of fully automated multi million dollar projects for not only our company but also the largest government security contractor in Queensland.

So Wednesday was a very special day for me to be my son's sidekick as my business contracted his business 'QTech Security Systems' to assist with some maintenance tasks. He was going to stay overnight but his services are in such demand that he was called away and since he had completed all of our allocated tasks in half the time, he couldn't justify the indulgence.

The rest of the week has been great too as I have been playing with the video editing software again and will post a shortened clip of the NZ leg of our world trip.

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