Thursday, June 7, 2012

Result's CT and others.

Yesterday I was almost beside myself with worry over my mental state. A visit to my GP (Sharon is damned good) took a hell of a load off my mind when she went over the results of my CT Brain Scan and conducted a barrage of anxiety and memory tests. The scans showed that everything was normal, CT showed no sign of stroke and Doppler scan showed minor plaque build-up in the carotid artery, a good result.

The memory test result was 100% "an over achiever", Sharon called me, that was a heck of a relief I can tell you but it sure doesn't feel right since I am still having huge difficulty with focus and concentration, I seem to be really absent-minded and dithery for want of a better term. 

A number of years ago I suffered a three day episode of Transient Amnesia brought about by stress which was the result of a massive workload and no sleep for an extended period.

The anxiety test showed significant levels of stress and whilst I am a long way from suicidal my self confidence and self esteem is very low thereby creating a catch 22 situation. Sharon has recommended that I see a psychologist and has given me a referral. I will set up an appointment but in the meantime, now that I have a handle on what is wrong with me I can begin to do something positive about it.

I will knuckle down, carry my load and get caught up on work. I will be more determined (I have a stubborn streak a mile wide and I'm not afraid to use it) to complete tasks in a timely fashion. Do the job once - do it right! no second guessing! Bring back that old arrogance, toughen up... pull up my socks, get my act together and be a man!! Absolutely CRUSH all negativity beyond recognition and build self confidence and self esteem with positive affirmative thoughts, speech and action!!


  1. Glad to hear you're back on track, go get em tiger! Take care, love to all!

    1. Thanks Dion, you are one of the few that truly inspire me. Love to Tracy and Miles, always in my thoughts and prayers:)