Sunday, June 10, 2012

Movie Tricks

Finally we have had an offer on the property, not a good one unfortunately but an offer none the less. Our agent advises that we had four groups go through yesterday which is not bad considering that it's a long weekend, the middle of winter and the last month of the financial year.

Bringing our business accounts up to date for EOF (End Of Financial) is always a challenge but I was able to concentrate quite well yesterday. I had Bonnie Ronnie's help and whilst she couldn't physically help with the accounts it helped me tremendously to be able to explain to her what I was doing step by step as she encouraged me when running into problems and issues. 

While I was fit and on my game, running multiple bank accounts for the different divisions and enterprises, juggling finances was relatively easy for me but when we started to make changes we moved banks and in the process have wound up with eleven bank accounts in all so I'm in the process of consolidating that all down to a couple of accounts by EOF.

After returning home (we always make sure that we are out during the house inspections) I concentrated on my new hobby, photography and movie making and am learning new tricks all the time. At present I am putting together the video clips with some overlays of video clips and photos as picture within picture and whilst still very amateurish I'm quite pleased with myself. I have finished my first DVD of our New Zealand leg of the world trip and it's about 25 minutes long.  

Currently working on the Hawaii leg, unfortunately one of our camera's gave up the ghost on this leg and we were so busy trying to find power adapters for our equipment that we actually have very little to work with. The photography and movie clips from the dying camera are really bad so I am working on improving the quality and am not even sure if that's possible. One thing is for sure though, I am absolutely loving this and getting to relive the holiday time and time again, this itself is a confidence booster. Here is a sample of the current project hastily squished down to under 3 minutes.

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