Saturday, June 9, 2012

Open House

Woke up this morning with another open house inspection to look forward to. My little Bonnie Ronnie is having a hard time with her right hand and left shoulder which means it's going to be a tough one today as she is going to need quite a bit of help, being the house proud perfectionist that she is (this is not sarcasm or a slight of any kind - I wouldn't have her any other way) but fortunately the inspection is for mid afternoon so we have a bit of time.

We have dropped the price by another $10K so it's on the market for $489K (down $60K) and still not a single offer in 3 months, fingers crossed that we get at least one today else I'm going to have to look at an auction and I really don't want to go there..... anyway back to the task at hand.

We don't have much of a garden but the strong winds from our miserable weather of a few days ago brought down our biggest tree (A Japanese Tea Tree all of 5 metres in height) snapped it off at the base believe it or not behind the picket  fence. No damage to speak of so I spent a few hours yesterday chopping it up and repairing the minor damage to the house and our miniature Blood Rose creeper. I have this huge unfinished oval in the middle which I may have to decide on how to finish and spend some dollars. Originally we built the oval to enhance and highlight the very expensive and not overly ornate fountain that we were going to put in place but then we started wondering about putting in a gazebo and had not made up our minds by the time we had to put it on the market, the house that is.

I'm posting a few pictures in case someone knows someone who may be interested - BTW we would gladly stay on as long term tenants if an investor were interested. So why sell? Our mortgage at 11.99% is killing us, and we are too old to refinance ourselves into a better position - We absolutely love our home and our neighbours but have only one option... Sell! 

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