Friday, March 23, 2012


I started off this week with a clear plan of action which very quickly became a a chaotic rush to meet too many deadlines thereby missing all of them and creating an even bigger problem. Isn't hindsight wonderful, I can see so clearly now where I went wrong.... uhm no, it doesn't help the current situation but it does help me to castigate myself efficiently and accurately. Perhaps..just maybe.. I'll learn to concentrate on completing just one task at a time.

My good friend Vonee has been assisting with cleaning the malware from our web site and getting it up to speed and I do tend to burden her sympathetic ear with some of my thoughts and idea's. I love the way she brings me back to earth with a great big thud if I start getting ahead of myself. Thanks Von, the web site is clean, and running well so we can concentrate on cleaning up the content and revitalising it soon.

It has been nine months since putting out a newsletter and this was one of my tasks this week with postage due today, needless to say that won't happen till Monday now. The newsletter will be far more personal as I would like to maintain the original format but share a closer personal connection with our reader. Today I must ensure that our insurances are all up to date. The certificates of currency need to be scanned into the system for distribution to our suppliers, and post them to our web site.

Since we have decreased the size of the business we wound up with an awful pile of records and equipment in our home and it is taking a lot of sorting but finally the archives are now in some semblance of order. Ronnie and I sorted and destroyed all the old expired records which was quite a mammoth task as we had to double check each because of the move, necessary though to to be sure that only the expired records were destroyed.

Next task is to sort stock and equipment, now that I can actually turn around in the garage - just. Stock won't be too much of an issue as we will only carry cable, fasteners, batteries and a few small cameras and detectors for emergency. A bit more specialist equipment though that I don't I expect we will have it sorted in a weekend but things are almost back to normal. We still have an excess of vehicles so we will be advertising them and will probably have a garage sale in April to dispose of excess office supplies, old stock and a few household items.

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