Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My lack of routine

I have a million and one things on the boil (slight exaggeration but it certainly feels that way). I have taken on board a friends advice to look into writing styles and have enrolled in a publishing college so that I may learn how to do this properly. I have also signed up for an Internet marketing course because I see this as the way of the future.

I could see the potential for the Internet as a social media network back in the early 90's when Ronnie and I ran an ISP from our home in Brisbane. What a time that was but I lacked vision, discipline and finance - funny how some things never change. I did however, educate myself on all things computer because it seemed that I had a knack for them and my mind was like a sponge, soaking it all in. Unfortunately as life does, we had a few challenges and obstacles crop up which ultimately changed our course and brought the ISP to an end. I did however come to realise that knowledge alone is not enough, one must have a plan, schedule and above all self discipline.

I still have a business to run and this last week has been very challenging as our web site (designed and hosted by my good friend Vonee) fell victim to a hacker and wound up as a malware distributor. Ordinarily this wouldn't present too much of a problem as we would redirect traffic to an alternate clean site while we repair the main site however when the Domain Name Server has a redirection error loop that their technicians are unable to repair, then things get very messy. What happens is that all the search engines advise you of the threat in the first instance but if the risk is not reduced in a timely fashion your site becomes blacklisted. The longer the site is blacklisted, the longer it will take to populate the site to the world as safe. Our primary site is once again clean (thanks to Vonee) and we didn't even get to use our clean site however the redirection error loop remains unchanged and so the problem is persistent. Our clients can reach our site safely if they opt to continue beyond the threat warning but this is not a practice that I would endorse.

I still have a garage full of business records that I need to sort through in short order and a stack of bits and bobs to advertise and sell on ebay once we have a functioning savings account that we can access again. In the meantime I have set a target; over the remainder of this month, schedules and routines will be developed and implemented gradually so that with a little self discipline I can get my life back on track.

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